Toripalimab-tpzi: the monoclonalantibodies approved by fda this year 

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Toripalimab-tpzi is another of the #monoclonalantibodies approved by #fda this year, to treat recurrent or #metastatic nasopharyngeal #carcinoma when used together with or following other therapies*

It is expressed in a recombinant Chinese Hamster Ovary (#CHO) mammalian cell expression system, reminding again, if still needed, the importance of CHO cells in producing the #drugs of today and tomorrow and demonstrating the intense activity of research and development in this field.

We at Magellan Biologics & Consulting proudly support the scientific community at early stage in the discovery of new candidates with #CHO4Tx® our transient protein expression system in CHO cells.

*FDA novel Drug Approvals for 2023

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