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Decades in the academic world have shaped our passion for knowledge and know-how sharing. Lead by Prof. Dr. Florian Wurm, who published numerous papers on genetics, biology and engineering of bioreactor grown cells for manufacturing of protein drugs and who is a frequent speaker/lecturer on manufacturing sciences and regulatory issues, our Team of consultants and advisors is here to support you in solving any issue you may meet in the field of mammalian cells culture and recombinant protein expression. Decades in the biotech and life science industry and consolidated experiences as entrepreneurs have developed our sense of concreteness and our understanding of your needs, your constraints and your ambitions: we’re here to make things happen and help you reach your most ambitious R&D objectives.

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Our Team of consultants and advisors
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From solving a technical issue with a difficult-to-express protein to training your scientists on the various cell culture and recombinant protein expression techniques and installing a whole dedicated protein expression laboratory in your facility,
there is always something that we can do to help.


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