The CHO 4Tx® system: a strong ally to produce the proteins you need to screen

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Quite often, we’re asked if the three CHO 4Tx® media can be used separately and independently from one another. 🧐 and the answer is, of course,

👉 yes… but,
👉 each of them has been optimized to complement the others,
👉 each of them has a well defined role in a thorough, highly innovative, transient transfection protocol
👉 each of them is chemically defined to provide the CHO 4Tx® cells what they need and like at the time and concentration they need…

Because, for decades, we know what our cells need and like and we care about them.
And this is the only secret of CHO 4Tx®, the reason why our patented transient transfection system is so efficient!
You have so many things to guess and invent all along your discovery programs that our goal, at Magellan Biologics & Consulting, is to provide you, with the whole CHO 4Tx® system, a strong ally to produce the proteins you need to screen.

And when it will come to scale up, you’ll have the possibility to benefit from the support of our sister Company ExcellGene SA, another strong ally for your cell line development, since CHO 4Tx® and CHOExpress are derived from the same cell line.

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