Magellan Biologics & Consulting presented at the 35th Rhine Knee Regional Meeting on structural biology

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Magellan Biologics & Consulting presented at the 35th Rhine Knee Regional Meeting on structural biology:

An optimised and simplified CHO-based transient gene expression system for protein target optimisation and for research material production.

Jerome Puginier 1,**, Florian Wurm,2,3,*, Artur Rodrigues 1, Vanessa F. 1, Maria Wurm 1,2
1 Magellan Biologics and Consulting LDA, Torres Novas, Portugal 
ExcellGene SA, Monthey, Switzerland
3 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)
*corresponding author, ** presenting author

Transient gene expression (TGE) is used in protein engineering, structural analysis, study of functional principles and to develop more efficient protein-based prophylactic or therapeutic agents. Examples are shared. The CHO4Tx® technology was simplified significantly for easy handling, eliminating error prone steps, from reagent/DNA interaction to cell handling in order to improve reproducibility and yield. The transfection-inducing chemicals are part of a medium, the transfection medium (TM). It can be used off the shelf. In addition, nucleic acids can be provided to the container, before adding cells in TM to it. Subsequently, a production medium (PM) is just added and cells are incubated for an appropriate time until harvest of product from the supernatant of the chemically defined media (no serum). The optimized CHO4Tx® cells are part of the system with a detailed protocol for handling. In comparative studies, the CHO4Tx® system shows superior results over others.

Thanks to the organizers, in particular to Florence Pojer and Roger Benoit for their invitation and congrats to all on the organization of this excellent and friendly meeting!
We’re committed to support the scientific community in achieving their R&D goals on the study of proteins at discovery stage.

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