Out of 28 novel drugs fda-approved to date in 2023, 6 (>20%) contain mabs (monoclonalantibodies)

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The last one, Beyfortus (nirsevimab-alip), produced in CHOcells, represents a major breakthrough in the fight against RSV (respiratory Syncytial Virus) and is approved for the prevention of RSV lower respiratory tract disease in neonates and infants born during or entering their first RSV season, and in children up to 24 months of age who remain vulnerable to severe RSV disease through their second RSV season.
👉 See fda press-release on July 17:

medicine at all levels: diagnostics, preventionand therapies

We, at Magellan Biologics & Consulting, proudly support R&D in this field at discovery stage by offering solutions for the fast and efficient production of proteins in CHO cells. 

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