We have selected top CHO cells for you to team up with!

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Transient Protein Expression in CHO cells can be tricky and requires talent and dedication on the human side… but not only! the cells you use also need to be talented and… dedicated to their work. 

For this reason, just like you select the best people to work with your discovery and high throughput screening team, we have selected top CHO cells for you to team up with!
They are called CHO4Tx® and work best with CHO 4Tx®-CM, their cultivation medium; CHO 4Tx®-TM, transfection medium and CHO 4Tx®-PM, production. 3 Media for 3 steps from DNA to protein and 3 main benefits: ease-of-use, cost effectiveness and high yield!

Thinking about hiring our CHO 4Tx® cells?
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