We are a biotechnology and life science company located at I3S (Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde) of the University of Porto in Portugal.

Our founders, Florian and Maria João Wurm, successful entrepreneur-scientists from Switzerland and Portugal - are known for their wide ranging insights, activities and contributions in modern biotechnology. Active since early 2018, we focus on pharmaceutical biotechnology based on recombinant DNA covering all technologies from an encoding nucleic acid to the manufacturing of a clinically relevant biologic, such as antibodies, complex enzymes and novel fusion proteins. We provide practical and theoretical suggestions for complex problems and provide scientific, technical and legal advice in any life science field. Our company also offers innovative reagents and services for research and development of biopharmaceuticals, for animal health, cosmetics and nutraceuticals.

We are grateful towards the Portugal 2020 program, the Program Norte 2020 and the European Union for providing significant financial support for the establishment of a functional laboratory at i3S.

Event: Inauguration and Start of Activities at i3S Apr 16 2019



Our life science products cover the value chain from DNA vector to recombinant protein synthesis or virus-like particles (such as AAV for gene therapy), such as:

  • Fully characterised, safety tested host cells (CHO, HEK293, Insect)
  • Transfection reagents (ACF, animal component free, CD, chemically defined)
  • CD media for production of recombinant proteins, VLPs and MHC class II tetramers

Our products are suitable for research in structural biology.

Other products are intended for research and development for animal health and for cosmetic applications.



    Consulting is provided by a team of experts, lead veteran managers and scientists active for more than 30 years in the biopharmaceutical industry.

  1. Protein expression and manufacturing

    From DNA to recombinant protein: we provide expertise, technical support and project management assistance in process and manufacturing sciences, including for difficult to generate biologicals.

    From early in-vitro product study to late stage pre-clinical assessment of recombinant biologicals - our experts will provide competent advice towards rapid phase I/II product entry.

  2. Freedom to Operate (FTO) and patent issues

    Patent landscape and FTO questions for biosimilars and innovator products, avoidance of manufacturing patents - Expert scientific guidance is provided by early pioneers of the industry.



A network of Magellan’s partner companies in the US and in Switzerland provides assistance and product support for a wide range in research and development for biopharmaceuticals and general biotechnology.